Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zimbabwe Votes For A President

Zimbabwe Votes For New President -- Sydney Morning Herald

Crisis-weary Zimbabweans are voting in a fiercely contested election dominated by veteran President Robert Mugabe's bid to extend his 33-year rule and suspicions of vote rigging.

The 89-year-old firebrand, Africa's oldest leader, is running for office for the seventh and perhaps final time, after a series of violent crackdowns, economic crises and suspect elections.

But on the eve of the vote, Mr Mugabe vowed to step down if he lost and claimed the army – long the bulwark of his rule – would also respect a victory for Morgan Tsvangirai, his perennial rival and reluctant partner in an uneasy coalition for the past four years.

"If you lose you must surrender," the 89-year-old said, insisting: "We have done no cheating."

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