Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Look At How Tomahawk Cruise Missiles May Be Used In Syria

The Tomahawk cruise missile flies fast and relatively low to the ground. Raytheon

How Tomahawk Cruise Missiles May Send Messages To (And From) Syria -- NBC

The Tomahawk cruise missiles being readied for possible use against Syrian government targets are part of a line going back to the Cold War — but these are definitely not your father's cruise missiles.

The most advanced Tomahawks are like driverless cars, except that they fly through the air at 550 mph and kill people. They have GPS, onboard digital maps, video cameras and two-way satellite links, and a navigation system that allows the missiles to loiter over an area and wait for their targets to pop up. That's in addition to the 1,000-pound bomb each Tomahawk typically carries.

The U.S. Navy can use those capabilities to send a message to Syria's leaders about their chemical weapons program, just as it sent messages in the past to leaders of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen and Libya. Almost as important, the Tomahawks can send messages back — in the form of real-time battle damage assessments.

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My Comment: I suspect that the Syrians have already positioned and hid their more valuable military assets .... so it will be buildings and airfields that these missiles will probably target.

Update: 20 Reasons Why Tomahawk Missiles Should Put Assad In A State Of Panic -- Business Insider

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