Saturday, August 31, 2013

Has The NSA Leaks Endangered The Lives Of MI6 Agents

Lives Of MI6 Agents 'Put At Risk' By 58,000 Secret Files Seized From Guardian Journalist's Partner At Heathrow -- Daily Mail

* High Court hears David Miranda had 'highly classified' UK intelligence files
* Partner Glenn Greenwald helped Edward Snowden expose US secrets
* Cabinet adviser tells court said material could ‘threaten life directly’

The lives of British agents may have been put at risk by a Guardian journalist’s possession of top-secret documents stolen from the US government, a senior Cabinet adviser has warned.

Documents seized from the reporter’s boyfriend, David Miranda, were so sensitive that agents have since had to be moved to protect their lives.

Oliver Robbins, deputy national security adviser at the Cabinet Office, went on the record to warn that ‘lives may be put at risk’ if the documents fall in to the wrong hands.

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My Comment: This is idle speculation, but from vantage point it appears that British intelligence is running scared .... they must have discovered something that is really "freaking them out" .... and I am not talking about the identities of MI6 agents.

Update: David Miranda accused of carrying secrets that threatened spies´ lives. This looks bad for Glenn -- The Telegraph

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