Saturday, August 31, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2013

Meet The Military Forces Gathering On Syria's Doorstep -- Killer Apps/Foreign Policy

While the United States is ready to strike a handful of targets on the ground in Syria, any international conflict there will take place on a much larger stage. The entire region is full of a witches' brew of military hardware from more than half a dozen nations with interests in the Syrian conflict.

The United States and France are prepared to strike the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the Mediterranean Sea and a ring of air bases surrounding Syria. Meanwhile, three of America's most powerful military allies -- Britain, Turkey, and Israel -- are publicly staying on the sidelines, albeit with their militaries primed to defend against any Syrian counterattack. Then there are Assad's friends, Russia and Iran, both of which have military personnel on the ground in Syria.

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So, what exactly are Obama's options on Syria? -- Tom Foreman, CNN

Hagel returns to US from Asia trip amid preparations for possible strike against Syria -- Washington Post/AP

The range of weapons, targets being considered as US mulls strike against Syrian government -- Washington Post/AP

What to Bomb in Syria -- and Why -- Carol Choksy & Jamsheed Choksy, Real Clear World

Limiting action to missile strikes in Syria could prove difficult, analysts say -- Stars and Stripes

Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria -- AP

Exclusive: Syrian army moves Scud missiles to avoid strike -- Reuters

Syrian Strikes Would Battle-Test Chinese Radars -- Defense news

U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria -- Washington Post

MacDill would be central to any US attack on Syria -- Stars and Stripes/Tampa Tribune, Fla.

Russia Developing Attack Drone From T-50 Fighter Jet – UAC -- RIA Novosti

No Defense Deals With Iran While Litigation Continues - Rogozin -- RIA Novosti

Satellite images indicate North Korea is expanding rocket launch site -- Washington Times/AP

North Korea tops list of critical US intelligence gaps -- The Hill

'Talented and popular' soldier who fought in Afghanistan collapses on moor and dies just a day after his 26th birthday -- Daily Mail

Progress on wider US military role in Philippines: Hagel -- AFP

Hagel assures Philippines no new permanent U.S. bases -- Reuters

NORAD and Russian fighter jets conduct military drills amid tensions surrounding Syria -- RT

BCT reorganization will impact more than 26,000 engineers -- Army Times

Drones tag and track quarry using nanoparticle sprays -- New Scientist

Army scientists max out battery power to save soldiers' lives -- CBS

The Pentagon Has Been Running Top Secret Spy Plane Operations Against Mexican Drug Cartels -- Business Insider

Napolitano warns large-scale cyberattack on US is inevitable (Video) -- The Hill

UK asked N.Y. Times to destroy Snowden material -- Reuters

Microsoft and Google to sue over US surveillance requests -- The Guardian

Government to release annual totals of surveillance orders -- Washington Post

US CIA Role Escalates Since 2001 Terrorist Attacks -- Voice of America

White House peeved at Pentagon leaks -- Politico

An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years -- Gizmodo

Hasan arrives at Fort Leavenworth prison -- Army Times

Bradley Manning 'is doing well in prison' since announcing sex change and new name of Chelsea -- Daily Mail

Army Launches 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Vietnam War -- US Department of Defense

Sun sets on Marines' historic 'phrogs' -- Stars and Stripes

Gary Sinise named an Honorary Marine -- Stars and Stripes

Bring back mandatory military service in the US and UK -- Christopher Yates, The Guardian

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