Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NSA’s Gen. Keith Alexander: U.S. Cyberwar Offense ‘Best In The World’

Photo: General Keith B. Alexander. Wikipedia

U.S. Cyberwar Offense ‘Best In The World’: NSA’s Gen. Keith Alexander -- Washington Times

The United States has the best offensive military capacity in cyberspace of any nation, the head of the agency at the center of a domestic spying scandal said in congressional testimony published Monday.

Gen. Keith B. Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, said, “We believe our [cyber] offense is the best in the world.”

His comments came in answers to questions from a March 2013 hearing of the House Armed Services Committee

Gen. Alexander said the United States maintains a “deep, persistent and pervasive presence on adversary [computer] networks.”

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My Comment:  Talk about thumping your chest .... especially after the latest Edward Snowden's NSA revelations.

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