Friday, August 30, 2013

Presidents Bush And Carter Comment On Syria

George W. Bush: Obama Has 'Tough Call' To Make On Syria -- USA Today

Former president George W. Bush weighed in tentatively on the situation in Syria on Friday, saying President Obama "has to make a tough call" on whether to order a military strike against Bashar Assad's regime.

Bush, who made his comments during an appearance on the Fox News Channel where he also discussed his recovery from a recent heart surgery as well as his charitable works, had his own frustrations with Assad during the eight years of his presidency.

Bush and his aides expressed frustration that Assad tacitly supported the flow of al-Qaeda fighters and arms into Iraq during the height of the anti-American insurgency there.

"I was not a fan of Mr. Assad," Bush said. "He's an ally of Iran, and he's made mischief."

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Update: As Obama considers Syria strikes, Bush and Carter weigh in -- CNN

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: More details on President Carter's comments are here.

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