Saturday, August 31, 2013

The End Of The HMS Ark Royal

Pride Of The Fleet, Hacked Apart In A Turkish Scrapyard: HMS Ark Royal Cuts A Sorry Sight As It's Reduced To Tin Cans And Razor Blades -- Daily Mail

* Aircraft carrier built in 1981 and cost £320 million to build
* Leyal Ship Recycling strips valuable items from hull for scrap
* Two new aircraft carriers ordered for more than £6 billion

She once ruled the waves. Now the 22,000-ton HMS Ark Royal is being ripped apart in a Turkish scrapyard, another victim of British defence cuts.

After a quarter of a century of service, Ark Royal – the fifth vessel to bear a name that dates back to victory over the Spanish Armada – will shortly be reduced to tin cans and razor blades.

This picture shows workers from Leyal Ship Recycling – which paid £2.9 million for the aircraft carrier – stripping out valuable scrap items before larger sections are torn away.

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My Comment: A sad end to a proud ship.

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