Friday, August 30, 2013

World News Briefs -- August 30, 2013 (Evening Edition)

US Set For Syria Strikes After Kerry Says Evidence Of Chemical Attack Is 'Clear'

• Secretary of state brands Assad 'a thug and a murderer'
• Kerry: attack killed 1,429 Syrians including 426 children
• 'History will judge us extraordinarily harshly if we turn blind eye'

John Kerry advanced what he called a "clear and compelling" case that Syria was responsible for a chemical attack that killed nearly 1,500 people, in a statement on Friday that made clear the US was on the verge of military strikes against the Assad regime.

Speaking in a blunt tones, the US secretary of state branded the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad a "thug and a murderer", and said the United States could not stand by and let a dictator get away with such serious crimes.

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Last week's Syria chemical attack killed 1,429 - Kerry.

Scant foreign support for US strikes on Syria.

US to continue to seek Syria strike support.

Alawite stronghold in Syria a haven amid war.

Iran warns against U.S. military strikes on Syria.

Lebanon charges five over Tripoli bombings.

Hezbollah reportedly mobilizes forces in south Lebanon.

Bahraini policemen wounded in car bomb.

Saudi Arabia outlaws domestic abuse.


Keeping up with China? Japan to expand diplomatic presence worldwide.

North Korea rescinds US envoy invitation.

Hagel concerned about possible South China Sea conflict.

Afghanistan suicide attack kills Kunduz district governor, civilians.

Taliban ambush caps day of Afghanistan attacks.

N. Korea: US is threatening nuclear attack by flying B-52 bombers.

You’re fired! Fresh from having his ex-girlfriend shot, Kim Jong Un gets rid of the head of his army.

US, Philippines reinforce defense ties.

Kashmir clash: 'Five militants' killed.

China to hold key economic reform meeting in November.

India's GDP shows continuing slowdown.

Manmohan Singh tries to quell fears over Indian economy.

China to investigate former security chief.


UN agencies see security deterioration in CAR. Thousands take refuge at CAR airport.

Death toll rises in Mali floods.

DR Congo rebels announce troop withdrawal. Congo rebels cease combat, pull back from frontline for probe.

New Egypt protests leave at least six dead. Egypt braces for protests despite crackdown. Brotherhood protests small and scattered in Egypt.

Tunisia closes south border regions for security.

At least 30 dead after slaughter in Nigeria.

Analysis: Grand Kenya port plan faces headwinds despite oil finds.


No plans for Putin-Obama meeting at G20 Summit – Kremlin aide.

PM vows to stand up for Gibraltar in dispute with Spain.

France says British vote does not change its will to act over Syria. France's Hollande backs US on Syria action.

Britain's Cameron: I don't need to apologize to Obama over Syria defeat.

Germany: No plans to join Syria military action.

Russia says it did not see US evidence of Syrian role behind alleged chemical weapons attack.

Ukraine's president 'unable to let Yulia Tymoshenko' to leave country.

Russia escalates dispute with Belarus after CEO's arrest. Russia threatens Belarus with oil supply cuts.


Kerry says U.S. credibility on the line in Syria.

Cuba rejects US, NATO threat to attack Syria.

Obama may get France as ally in Syria fight after U.K. balks.

U.S. plans to release intelligence on Syria chemical attack on Friday: official.

NBC poll: Nearly 80 percent want congressional approval on Syria.

Half of Mexicans say drug violence worse under Pena Nieto: poll.

Colombia President calls troops to patrol capital.

Colombian Presidential hopeful under arrest.

Mexico says trafficker linked to kingpin Guzman behind 350 murders.

Inside El Salvador's secretive prison pits where notorious gangs are crammed together like livestock in cells the size of a shed.


Navy Seals guided from SPACE, a top secret lab that had Bin Laden's DNA and clandestine NSA operatives who bugged terrorist's phones: New details of Bin Laden raid leaked by Snowden.

Sources: Drone strikes in Yemen kill 6, including senior AQAP leaders.

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Iraq bombings.

To hunt Osama bin Laden, satellites watched over Abbottabad, Pakistan, and Navy SEALs.


BlackBerry sales hit by fears over company's future.

Apple launches trade-in program.

New data shows shifting US energy landscape, as petroleum exports soar.

New Nicaragua Canal may change global trade.

The new billion dollar industry you didn’t know existed.

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