Monday, September 30, 2013

Afghanistan Prepares For Next Years Presidential Elections

Battle For Political Power Underway In Afghanistan -- Voice of America

KABUL — Elections for a new president to replace Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan are six months away and the battle for power in the country is heating up. Regional analysts say that powerful political alliances are beginning to form, and the result of the vote will determine whether Afghanistan moves forward or stays mired in long-term conflict.

After decades of war and corruption, Afghanistan is a poor country. The hope is that the April 2014 presidential election will change all that, says Noor Agha.

“We are all tired of war. The next president should work toward peace and improve our lives,” Agha said.

Hamidullah Farooqi, a former transportation minister now part of a political coalition of technocrats, warns of the dangers of a failed election.

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My Comment: The elections are slated for April 2014 .... that is when the opium crop is brought in and the Taliban are preparing for their summer fighting season. Will this impact the elections? If I was a betting man I would say yes.

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