Monday, September 30, 2013

Is America Deserting It's Afghan Interpreters?

Has America Abandoned an Afghan Interpreter? -- George Packer, New Yorker

It’s hard to think of anyone more deserving of an American visa than Mohammad Janis Shinwari.

On April 28, 2008, a team of U.S. Army combat advisers left the small base they shared with Afghan troops in Ghazni Province and went out on a mission in Taliban country. Ghazni was then the most violent place in Afghanistan. First Lieutenant Matt Zeller was riding in the second of three vehicles. He had been in Afghanistan for ten days. Zeller’s team had been briefed upon arrival in Afghanistan by Major General Robert Cone, who was in charge of training the Afghan Army and police. “How many of you were in Iraq?” Cone had asked the new arrivals. “This isn’t Iraq. In Iraq, we do everything we must to win. Here, we do everything we can.”

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My Comment: Welcome to the sobering reality of American bureaucracy.

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