Monday, September 30, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 30, 2013

HQ for the British intelligence agency, GCHQ. Gizmodo

UK Becomes First Country To Disclose Plans For Cyber Attack Capability -- Information Age

Ministry of Defence announces plans for cyber "strike capability", making it the first nation state to do so

The UK has become the first country to publicly commit to the aggressive use of cyber attacks to protect national security.

Over the weekend, the Ministry of Defence announced that it is developing a "full-spectrum military cyber capability, including a strike capability, to enhance the UK’s range of military capabilities".

"For years, we have been building a defensive capability to protect ourselves against ... cyber attacks," defence secretary Philip Hammond said in an interview with the Daily Mail. "That is no longer enough."

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UK seeks full cyber warfare capability, experts -- Reuters

How Britain’s new cyberarmy could reshape the laws of war -- Washington Post

UK military R&D is aggressive and counter-productive -- The Guardian

Air Defense For The Winter Olympics -- Strategy Page

Iran's Revolutionary Guard unveils attack drone -- SFGate/AP

Concerns Mount Over Turk-China Defense System -- Defense News

Lada submarines: Made to defend and win -- Russia & India Report

Swiss military simulates French attack -- France 24

Airbus A400M military transport plane launched at last -- Euronews

Afghanistan Wants Post-2014 Troops to Battle the Taliban, not al Qaeda -- Defense One

Japan, US to discuss strengthening cyber-security: reports -- Space Daily/AFP

Marine Corps assigns elite units to Pacific, Middle East, Africa -- Marine Times

The Pilotless F-16 -- Strategy Page

Air Force tanker makes emergency landing with suspected fuel leak -- Stars and Stripes

Pentagon in 'triage mode' in preparing for possible shutdown -- The Hill

Shutdown Looms at Midnight; US Military Pay Protection Uncertain -- Defense News

Hagel calls government shutdown threat 'shortsighted' -- AP

New FBI Director James B. Comey stunned by impact of sequestration on agents in the field -- Washington Post

Next scoop from Snowden on NSA assassination program, reporter says -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Sex Assault More Likely for Women in 'Combat' -- and Stripes

New Army tattoo policy faces opposition from Fort Drum area soldiers, businesses -- Stars and Stripes/Watertown Daily Times, N.Y.

Soldiers and their robots robots: Military bots get awards, nicknames ... funerals -- NBC

WWII airman missing since 1944 buried in Utah -- AP

The Widening Gulf Between Americans and Their Military -- Albert R. Hunt, Bloomberg

Defense Cuts Conundrum: Weighing the Hard Choices Ahead -- Foreign Affairs

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