Thursday, October 31, 2013

Are Google, Yahoo, And Other American Tech Companies Knowingly Working With The NSA?

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NSA Bombshell Shocks Former Spooks: "Why in The World Would We Burn Google?" -- Shane Harris/Noah Shachtman/John Hudson, The Cable/Foreign Policy

Former intelligence officials and technology industry executives reacted with anger and anxiety over the latest revelations that the National Security Agency is reportedly infiltrating some of the world's biggest technology companies and making off with the private communications of millions of their customers. And if the reports are accurate, it could be very bad news for U.S. technology companies, who have been complaining for months that their government's secretive intelligence operations are threatening their business and driving customers towards their foreign competitors.

"I think they're in an almost impossible situation," Rep. Adam Schiff, a senior member of the Intelligence Committee, told The Cable. Speaking of Silicon Valley firms who are obligated to cooperate with the NSA, Schiff said recent leak revelations threatened to negatively impact their bottom lines. "It's definitely going to hurt their business and I think we ought to do everything we can to mitigate that damage. I'm very sympathetic to what they have to confront."

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My Comment: America's tech companies employ the brightest people on the planet .... the idea that they were blindsided by recent NSA revelations is hard for me to digest. Bottom line .... because they must operate under U.S. law I cannot help but feel that they were "convinced" to cooperate .... and they cooperated by turning a blind-eye to what the NSA was doing.

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