Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is The NSA A Rogue Agency?

Image from FOX News

Has The NSA Gone Rogue? -- Christopher Slobogin, CNN

(CNN) -- The National Security Agency scandal keeps getting juicier. Recent revelations, triggered by ex-NSA employee Eric Snowden's earlier disclosures, indicate that the National Security Agency not only collects volumes of metadata about the phone numbers people use, it routinely stores the contents of phone conversations, text messages, e-mails and Internet activity.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney explains that the collection of all of this information is crucial, because NSA staffers cannot know what bits of it will turn out to be relevant to a counterterrorist investigation.

In fact, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has agreed with that argument in approving bulk collection of American as well as foreign metadata for the past seven years. And if metadata must be stored for this purpose, it is an easy step from there to conclude that the contents of communications must be stored as well.

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My Comment: The NSA'a political masters know how powerful such an agency can be if there are no safeguards .... that is why (I am sure) they are keeping a tight leash to make sure that the people who run the NSA do not start thinking of "other possibilities".

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