Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starvation Is Now The Weapon Of Choice For The Syrian Regime

INSIGHT-Starvation In Syria: A War Tactic -- Reuters

* Food, medicine, people blocked from areas of Syria
* One million Syrians trapped in areas where aid is stalled - UN
* Residents of besieged town eating leaves and grass
* Doctors say children dying of malnutrition
* Evacuees of besieged town fired on - state media

DAMASCUS, Oct 30 (Reuters) - One Syrian security official called it the "Starvation Until Submission Campaign", blocking food and medicine from entering and people from leaving besieged areas of Syria.

Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have used partial sieges to root out rebel forces from residential areas during the civil war. But a recent tightening of blockades around areas near the capital is causing starvation and death, residents and medical staff say.

At an army checkpoint that separates government-held central Damascus from eastern suburban towns earlier this month, a thin, teenage boy on a bicycle circled a soldier and begged to be allowed to take a bag of pita bread, a staple food, into the eastern suburbs. The soldier refused but the boy kept begging for "just one loaf".

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