Thursday, November 14, 2013

British Nationals Fight With al Qaeda In Syria While Boasting That Britain And the U.S. Will Be Next

'We Shall Raise Our Flag In The White House... Britain Will Be Next!': The War Cry Of Al-Qaeda's ENGLISH Soldiers Fighting In Syria -- Daily Mail

* English volunteer soldiers have warned Britain and U.S. will be next
* One says he wants Britain to become part of the 'Muslim world'
* Part of growing number of foreign jihadists travelling to fight in Syria

English volunteers are fighting with Al-Qaeda in Syria and have warned America and Britain that the war will be taken to them next.

At least one hundred British soldiers are believed to have joined the civil war, alongside further volunteers from the U.S., France, Russia and Holland.

In interviews from the frontline, soldiers with English accents call on British people to overthrow the government.

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Update: ‘We Will Bleed You to Death’: British Jihadis Describe Their Aims for America After Syria Fight -- The Blaze

My Comment: These Jihadists make Syrian President Assad look good.

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