Friday, November 22, 2013

China’s First Stealth Combat Drone Conducted A Successful Maiden Flight Thursday

The Sharp Sword conducts its first flight in a test-flight center in Southwest China at around 1 pm, fans said on, China’s most popular military website, adding that the test lasted nearly 20 minutes.[]

China’s First Stealth Combat Drone Takes Maiden Flight - Reports -- RT

The first Chinese stealth unmanned combat drone conducted a successful maiden flight Thursday, according to accounts by Chinese media and photos taken from a popular Chinese military website.

Lijian, or “sharp sword” in English, aced its first test flight in southwest China, making the People’s Republic of China the fourth nation to successfully fly a stealth unmanned aerial vehicle.

The test flight lasted nearly 20 minutes, according to accounts on, a Chinese military forum, and later picked up by the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and the South China Morning Post.

Several photos show the delta-wing, single-engine drone in flight early Thursday afternoon.

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My Comment: The Chinese are clearly prioritizing their drone program. Expect more developments and "surprises" in the future.

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