Monday, December 30, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- Dcember 30, 2013

U.S. Cold War Rivals China, Russia Step Up Challenges To Obama’s Asia Pivot -- Washington Times

Russia bullies Ukraine and pushes its claims to the North Pole, while Beijing beefs up naval patrols in the South China Sea and challenges U.S. allies on its borders. As the Obama administration attempts an ambitious reorientation of the nation’s strategic and diplomatic focus, two regional powerhouses and former Cold War adversaries are showing themselves increasingly keen to challenge Washington’s dominance on the world stage.

Foreign policy analysts say recent moves by Moscow and Beijing have been far-reaching, heavy with symbolism and clear tests of President Obama’s intentions and resolve.

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Saudi Arabia 'to give Lebanon army $3bn grant' -- BBC

Iraq To Become Third Largest Russian Arms Purchaser -- Iraqi Business News

Indian govt clears proposal for buying 15 UAVs from Israel -- Times of India

Push to recruit Arab Christians into Israeli army -- Washington Post/AP

Russia Commissions New Attack Submarine -- RIA Novosti

Russia’s Navy Rising -- Thomas Fedyszyn, National Interest

2013 Chinese Naval Review -- Information Dissemination

Former aide to retired Chinese security chief probed for graft -- Reuters

Warplanes: France Gets Its Reapers And Puts Them To Work -- Strategy Page

African Union to Sign Troop Agreement with Rwanda -- Voice of America

U.S. defense chief voices concern in call to Egypt army head -- Reuters

Finally Futenma: The Air Base Deal’s Place in The Pivot -- Kevin Baron, Defense One

Preparing for the Pacific pivot -- Stars and Stripes

Army’s ‘Pacific Pathways’ initiative sets up turf battle with Marines -- Washington Post

Pentagon seeks to build a disappearing battery -- USA Today

Opinion: Navy Struggles Over UAS Stealth Level -- Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week

Attrition: Fighter Pilots Doomed By Poverty -- Strategy Page

Military leaders struggled to deal with sequestration, shutdown -- Stars and Stripes

US Army bears brunt of DOD's reductions in Europe -- Stars and Stripes

NSA 'hacking unit' infiltrates computers around the world – report -- The Guardian

Report: NSA intercepts computer deliveries -- Washington Post/AP

Former NSA, CIA boss: Snowden is a ‘traitor’ -- New York Post

The Navy Fraud Scandal That Just Won’t Go Away -- Jordain Carney, The Atlantic

After a Tumultuous Year, Can Defense Industry Get Back to Business in 2014? -- Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense

Will America’s New “Green” Navy be Worth the Cost? -- Matt DiLallo, Motley Fool

The Case for Female SEALs -- Elliot Ackerman, The Atlantic

Top Seven National Security Books from 2013 -- Sara Sorcher, Defense One/National Journal

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