Friday, January 31, 2014

Bringing A Multi-Barrelled Machine Gun To An Airsoft Battle

Handyman Firing 3,000 Rounds A Minute From A Machine Gun Becomes Unlikely Star Of YouTube With 20Million Hits -- Daily Mail

* Rab Hailstones, 40, filmed firing £3,000 gun in 'airsoft' battle in a forest
* Video of mock battle has attracted 20million YouTube views in four years
* American fans have flocked to Scotland after watching the video

A handyman who is obsessed with guns has become an unlikely online star after a video of him firing 50 rounds a second in a battle roleplay attracted 20million views.

Rab Hailstones was filmed deploying his £3,000 'machine gun' filled with plastic bullets during a playful skirmish in a Scottish wood.

The clip has apparently become Scotland's biggest amateur YouTube hit ever thanks to millions of fans of a new military-based sport, and has turned its star into a minor celebrity.

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My Comment: The things that some people do fo fun.

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