Friday, January 31, 2014

F-16s Will Be Enforcing A No Fly-Zone Over The Super Bowl Stadium This Sunday

New York News

No-Fly Zone Over MetLife Stadium -- My

The skies above and around MetLife Stadium will be in a no-fly zone on Super Bowl Sunday.

The first level of defense will be provided by Black Hawk helicopters with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The unarmed helos will serve as the eyes in the sky.

And if a hostile aircraft enters restricted air space near MetLife stadium, New Jersey Air National Guard F-16s based in Atlantic City will be scrambled.

Colonel Brad Everman of the 177th Fighter Wing said his pilots have been training for months and are prepared to secure the skies above the big game.

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My Comment: Bottom line .... security will be tight.

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oldfatslow said...

I was at a Bush Presidential campaign rally at a local minor league baseball stadium a number of years back when the pilot of a small airplane decided to fly over on the way to another city. Fighter jets buzzed this guy at close range and just over the stadium. It was tense couple of minutes but the President didn't miss a beat in his speech. Turns out the guy was headed to Key West and the Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest. He was questioned and released.