Friday, January 31, 2014

Is China Playing Chicken With The US Military?

Photo: The Navy says this photo shows two Chinese trawlers forcing the Impeccable to make an emergency "all stop." CNN

China Is Playing Chicken With The US Military In The South China Sea -- Benjamin Carlson, Global Post

War by other means: As China attempts to wrest control of the South China Sea, the US is forced to flinch or crash.

HONG KONG — As anyone who has seen “Rebel Without a Cause” knows, playing chicken is dangerous for California teenagers in hot-rods.

But playing chicken with warships, cruisers, and fighter jets — well, that’s just another level of crazy.

Unfortunately, vessels from the US military and from other countries increasingly find themselves in such high-stakes confrontations on the East Asian seas, where China has adopted a strategy of making rivals flinch or risk collision.

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My Comment: This is nothing new. China has a long history of playing chicken with U.S. forces ....some of which resulted in deadly collisions.

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