Friday, February 28, 2014

Stalingrad: The Film That Makes Private Ryan Look Like Kids' Stuff

The Film That Makes Private Ryan Look Like Kids' Stuff: The Russians Are Coming - With A Blood-Drenched Film About The Most Savage Battle In History. But, Says MAX HASTINGS, The Reality Was Even More Barbaric -- Daily Mail

A handful of soldiers, beleaguered by a Nazi host in a wrecked city apartment building, prepare to sell their lives dearly on celluloid.

Does the scenario sound familiar? It should. For 70 years, the British and Americans have been making heroic movies about World War II, some of which are etched in our culture.

But now for something different: Russian film-makers have got in on the act.

They have created a 3D epic set for the film Stalingrad, about the most famous battle in their history, and the movie has become one of the biggest domestic box office hits of all time. Now, British audiences can see for themselves this amazingly noisy, bloody, cliche-laden, rubble-making version of the war.

3D does startling things to on-screen bomber crashes, tank attacks, ash from burning buildings that appears to float onto the cinema audience.

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My Comment: I say a pirated version of the film a few weeks ago (not 3D) .... and it is captivating. If you have a chance to see it .... take the time.

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