Friday, February 28, 2014

The Pentagon Already Has A Budget Plan For 2016

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Here’s What the Pentagon Will Cut If Sequestration Happens Again in 2016 -- Stephanie Gaskell, Defense One

When Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined the president’s Pentagon budget request for next year, he also rolled the dice with a move that tries to turn the tables on Congress by using lawmakers’ threat of another sequestration as a bargaining chip. The Obama administration, Hagel said, could avoid cutting deep into several weapons systems and other defense line items in fiscal year 2015. But if sequestration happens again in fiscal year 2016, Hagel said he will be forced to cut even more from the Pentagon budget – cuts he says will leave the military at greater risk.

Hagel’s plan for fiscal year 2015 complies with congressional budget caps that limit the Defense Department budget to $496 billion, he said. President Barack Obama wants to add another $26 billion, from a special new $58 billion fund that would be paid for with “a balanced package of spending and tax reforms.”

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Update: DoD Has a Detailed Sequester Back-Up Plan -- Defense News

My Comment: I would also wager that they also have a budget plan for 2017, 2018, and 2019 if sequestration is not changed.

Update #2: McKeon sees little hope of overturning sequestration -- The Hill

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