Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Convicted Israeli Spy Pollard About To Be Released By U.S. Authorities To Spur Israeli - Palestinian Peace Talks?

Israelis hold placards depicting Jonathan Pollard during a protest calling for his release from a U.S. prison. Photo by Reuters

U.S. May Free Pollard If Israel Agrees To Freeze Construction, Release Prisoners -- Haaretz

Kerry and Netanyahu hold three-hour long meeting immediately upon secretary of state's arrivals.

The United States may release jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in exchange for dramatic Israli concessions - including a freeze in settlement construction and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners - as a means to salvaging the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians

Senior Palestinian officials said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had refused to discuss the Israeli proposals until Jerusalem agreed to carry out the fourth stage of the prisoner release - including the 14 Israeli Arabs jailed before the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993.

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My Comment: If stunts like this (and the release of Pollard would be a stunt) are deemed necessary for peace to occur .... then here is an easy prediction .... there will be no peace because there is no foundation for peace. We are now down to a peace process that is dependent on gestures and promises instead of a true commitment and desire for peace.


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