Monday, March 31, 2014

North And South Korea Exchange Fire Across Western Sea Border (Updated)

South Korea Exchanges Artillery With North Korea After Live-Fire Drill Ordered By Pyongyang Dropped Shells Over Border -- Daily Mail

* North Korea conducted live-fire drill at 12.15 (3.15am GMT), firing into disputed waters near a South Korean island
* Reclusive nation sent unusual 'warning fax' to South Korea before military practice, which alarmed officials
* When shots crossed border, South Korean military responded by firing back 300 rounds and scrambling F-15 jets
* Heated exchange happened during South's annual training with US, which North brands 'rehearsal for invasion'
* Residents of five border islands evacuated to shelters, in 2010 four islanders were killed by North Korea military
* Test-fire drills are normal for North Korea, but they usually don't issue warning ahead of time

South Korea has fired shells into North Korean waters after their rivals sent more than 100 rounds below the disputed sea boundary during a live-fire drill.

The heated artillery exchange was prompted by an unusual warning fax sent from the North to the South, informing them of their live-fire drill.

Though it is not unusual for the reclusive nation to practice at sea, South Korean officials were alarmed by the alert, which they claim 'indicates their hostile intention'.

It comes just days after Kim Jong Un's reclusive nation threatened to launch a 'new form' of nuclear power tests - and coincidentally during the annual South Korea-US military practice, which North Korea dubs a rehearsal for invasion.

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Rhaegar said...

I hope this is one of North Koreas "empty threats" and not the start of a war.

Unknown said...

Emergency call of UN meeting

exchange of words between powerfull leaders for months

finally nothing will happen except waste of money, death of innocent people

James said...

The new hair cut policy seems to have detractors in the south.