Monday, March 10, 2014

Russia May Suspend Nuclear Arms Inspection Deal Under START If U.S. Sanctions Are Pushed

Russia’s Defense Ministry. © RIA Novosti. Anton Denisov

Russia Reportedly May Stop Fulfilling Arms Treaty Commitments Following Ukraine Crisis -- FOX News/WSJ

Russia may stop fulfilling arms treaty commitments and block U.S. military inspections from checking its nuclear weapons in response to Washington's move to suspend military cooperation with Moscow, Russian agencies reported Saturday citing an unnamed official in Russia's defense ministry.

The official said that threats from U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization directed toward Russia are perceived as "an unfriendly gesture" and allow the country "to declare force majeure conditions."

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More News On Reports That Russia May Suspend Nuclear Arms Inspection Deal Under START

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My Comment: We are now seeing Russian blow-back for U.S. involvement in Ukraine and White House threats of sanctions against Russian interests. This is a major escalation in the rhetoric .... rhetoric that has the potential to literally unravel decades of nuclear arms agreements.

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Don Bacon said...

The US doesn't have EU support vs. Russia, despite US claims to the contrary.