Monday, March 31, 2014

Ukraine Rejects Russia's Proposal That They Should Federalise Its State Structure And Make Russian An Official State Language

Ukraine Hits Back At Proposals By Russia's Lavrov -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Ukraine has hit back strongly at Russian calls for it to federalise its state structure and make Russian an official state language, saying its proposals were aimed at the break-up of Ukraine.

In an unusually harsh statement issued late on Sunday in reaction to comments by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said he was making demands on Ukraine which Russia would never allow itself at home.

"Why does Russia not introduce federalism ... Why does it not give more powers to national regions of the (Russian) Federation .. Why does it not introduce state languages, other than Russian, including Ukrainian, which is spoken by millions of Russians?", it asked.

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My Comment: I live in Canada (a federal system). I have lived in Switzerland (a federals system). And I have lived in Russia (a federal system). The Russian model has had problems, but the Swiss and Canadian models have functioned for years .... and even when faced with problems have always had the institutional structures and the flexibility to solve them. A federal system where regional autonomy is a solution for Ukraine .... but because of language and culture the Ukrainian nationalists who are now running the country are never going to accept that idea .... even with E.U. and U.S. pressure.

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Rhaegar said...

How is it going with the Ukrainean economy? Heard that Russia will increase the gas price in Ukraine with 79 percent tommorow. Are there any talks about rebelion there? I hope the chrisis is going to de escalate.