Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Look At the U.S. Military's Stealth Bike

Marine Dirt Bike 'Gangs' Of Afghanistan -- Thom Patterson, CNN

That's what Pentagon researchers envision, now that they've greenlighted developing a hybrid motorcycle powered by two sources: an engine that burns several types of fuel and a stealthy, super-quiet electric motor.

Imagine an elite U.S. fighting force deployed in a mountainous region of Afghanistan, riding motorbikes that are nearly silent. The loudest sound is tires on dirt as they twist and turn down dried river beds and up narrow goat trails. When they launch their assault on a Taliban stronghold, the enemy is taken by surprise.

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has tapped defense contractor Logos Technologies and motorcycle maker BRD to design the motorbike.

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My Comment: I would love to ride one of those bikes.


James said...

"I would love to ride one of those bikes." Well if you do, don't do it around well armed, motivated, and organized people who looking to kill you. But if you must get something besides orange so you won't be seen 5 miles away.

War News Updates Editor said...

Actually James I have to ride around in a bright orange jacket in September. I have a small place in the woods in the Laurentians of Quebec .... and September/October is hunting season. I have been told that I look like a moose.

James said...

Yeah I could go with that, but not when you're playing hide and seek with the bad guys.

oldfatslow said...

I'm not up on electric
motor technology, but past
experiences leaves me
skeptical that these
bikes could do much
off-road climbing with
electric motors and
big men loaded with
combat gear.