Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Acting Ukraine President: Ukraine's Government Has Lost Control Of The East

Ukraine Police 'Helpless' To Stop Separatist Rebels Who Now Control Entire Cities... As US Says Russia Behind The Escalating Violence -- Daily Mail

* John Kerry claims Russia reneged on deal struck in Geneva two weeks ago
* Pro-Russian separatists today seized control of buildings in Horlivka
* Kerry reveals U.S. has evidence of Moscow directing intelligence operatives
* He also urged NATO partners to step up efforts to lessen energy dependence on Russia

Ukraine's police and security forces are 'helpless' to quell unrest in two eastern regions near the Russian border and in some cases are even helping the insurgency, the country's acting president said today.

Oleksandr Turchynov spoke hours after pro-Russian gunmen seized more administrative buildings in the east including a government building and police headquarters in the town of Horlivka.

The U.S has also accused Moscow of accelerating the crisis instead of sticking to an agreement to ratchet back tensions.

Oleksandr Turchynov said the goal now was to prevent the insurgency from spreading to other territories.

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My Comment: The region that the acting Ukraine President is referring to is also known as the "economic heartland" of Ukraine. It`s loss will bring severe economic hardships to the rest of the country. As to what I expect next .... Ukraine has (for all intents and purposes) loss eastern Ukraine. It`s police and military forces are ineffective, and separatists are galvanized and confident that they will have their referendum in the next few weeks, and a majority will vote for separation and/or joining Russia. The next few weeks will be critical for Ukraine`s future .... and I am now having trouble seeing how they can stay unified.

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