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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 29, 2014

Victory Day Parade on Red Square. © RIA Novosti. Ilya Pitalev

Russia Shows Modern Military in Ukraine Crisis -- Voice of America

WASHINGTON — An estimated 40,000 Russian troops are deployed on the Ukrainian border, poised to invade if the order comes from Moscow.

These forces are part of a much larger military that has been modernizing its forces over the past several years.

Western estimates say the Russian Defense Ministry has between 800,000 and one million men under arms. These include strategic rocket forces as well as the various uniformed services: air, air defense, ground and naval. And there are various kinds of special forces, such as the Spetsnaz belonging to Russia’s military intelligence or GRU.

Stephen Blank, an expert on the Russian military at the American Foreign Policy Council, said there are also paramilitary forces.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs

Ukraine Says Military on Full Alert for Possible Russian Attack -- Voice of Russia

Ukraine defense ministry says no military exercises planned in Kiev -- Reuters

Military Allies Caution U.S. Against Rupturing Putin’s Ties With West -- WSJ

Moscow calls US, NATO military buildup near Russian borders ‘unprecedented -- RT

Russia Starts Combat Helicopter Training Flights on Baltic Border -- RIA Novosti

Russian Navy Ships Take Part in Anti-Drug Drills in Caribbean -- RIA Novosti

French Warship Deliveries to Russia Not Affected by Sanctions -- RIA Novosti

Putin gives green light to sale of S-400 missile system to China -- Want China Times

EU states strike lucrative military contracts with China overriding embargo - report -- RT

EU Firms Help Power China's Military Rise -- Naharnet

F-35 is Liaoning's worst nightmare, says Global Times -- Want China Times

Conservatives vow to speed release of report on CF-18 replacement -- Globe and Mail

Seoul to upgrade missile defense -- Korea Herald

Afghanistan Corruption Fostered by U.S., Pentagon Finds -- Bloomberg

New military pact reflects cozier US-Philippine alliance amid jitters over China's rise -- FOX News/AP

US Lawmaker Vows to Block US Military Aid to Egypt -- Voice of America

House markup cuts one LCS, supports 11 carriers -- Military Times

Navy explores new roles with first-in-class USNS Spearhead -- Stars and Stripes

US House Panel Mostly Backs Service Plans for Fighters, Helos, UAVs, Vehicles -- Defense News

USAF Leaders, McCain Clash Over Future of A-10s -- Defense News

Boeing continues efforts to keep Chinook, V-22 production humming -- Flight Global

Push for Growler jets points to military growth despite spending cap -- Stars and Stripes/Washington Post

House Proposes Funding to Refuel 11th Carrier --

In Wake of Zumwalt Launch, Higher Costs Seen in DDG-1000 Program -- MPBN

CIA Keeps A Tight Grip On Its Own Secrets -- AP

What's The NSA Doing Now? Training More Cyber Warriors -- NPR

Can the Pentagon build the cyber-force it needs? -- Dan Verton, Fedscoop

House panel rejects cuts in military benefits -- AP

Hagel directs all services to review hairstyle policy -- Military Times

Army Vet Helps Develop Life-Saving Device for Treating Battlefield Wounds -- ABC News

Consolidation of Top Pentagon Contractors Only a Matter of Time -- National Defense

Mathematician Spies -- Tom Leinster, Slate

Military Exercises: What Are They? -- Eric Niiler, Discovery

The F-35 JSF: what is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft? -- Steven Jones, The Conversation

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,177 -- AP

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