Wednesday, April 30, 2014

U.S. General: Corruption Is The Biggest Threat in Afghanistan. New Report Also Paints A Grim Future On Afghanistan

U.S. Report Offers Grim Portrait Of Afghanistan’s Future -- McClatchy News

WASHINGTON — As Afghanistan prepares to hand over power to a new president and U.S. combat forces depart, the United States’ special inspector general for the war-torn country paints a bleak picture of its long-term prospects in a new report to Congress.

The report, of which McClatchy obtained an embargoed copy before its Wednesday release, said corruption is so widespread in Afghanistan that it threatens the U.S. long-term reconstruction effort.

“Corruption in Afghanistan includes everything from petty bribery for routine services, nepotism and tribal preference to contract fraud, large-scale theft of resources and subversion of the justice system,” the report concludes.

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