Thursday, May 29, 2014

Infighting Among Pro-Russian Militias In Eastern Ukraine

The forces moved the flags after surrounding and storming the building, in a bid to eject the group from the premises, amid rumours of looting at a supermarket near the airport on Monday

Pro-Russian Forces In Ukraine Turn On Each Other With Rebel Militia Arresting Rival Groups And Removing Their Flags From Check-Points -- Daily Mail

* Insurgent fighters turned against each other as clashes in Ukraine escalated
* Pro-Russians stormed separatist HQ in Donetsk amid reports of looting
* They also removed flags from check points and arrested rival groups
* It comes after helicopter was shot down with Russian anti-aircraft missiles
* Army General Serhiy Kulchytskiy among the dead in attack in Slovyansk
* Kulchytskiy once served in Soviet army and was head of combat training for Ukraine's National Guards
* Pro-Moscow rebels impose curfew in Donetsk after declaring martial law
* Reports suggest Kiev has sent armoured vehicles to the embattled city

Clashes have escalated in eastern Ukraine after dozens of rebel fighters surrounded and stormed the separatist headquarters in Donetsk, in the most serious case of insurgent infighting seen so far.

Earlier today, pro-Russian forces from the Vostok Battalion broke through the regional government building and demanded activists from the so-called People's Republic of Donetsk - which was set up in April - leave the premises.

The insurgents then arrested members of the rival group, before removing their flags from check-points in the area.

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Update #1: Ukraine's rebels in crisis after Donetsk 'coup' -- The Telegraph
Update #2: Ukraine crisis: Paramilitaries seize Donetsk rebels’ HQ -- Financial Times

My Comment: The perception in the West is that there is a unified rebel command structure in eastern Ukraine that is organized and responsible for directing the insurgency against pro-Ukrainian forces .... but the reality on the ground is very different. What we have are primarily local militias that have been established in the past two months with little if any training, organization, direction, or even having the proper communications network amongst themselves on how to proceed in a unified military structure. Some of these militia groups are also nothing more but criminal gangs who are taking advantage of the near lawlessness that now exists .... a truly frightening situation for some of the villages that are now under their control. This is why I know that Russia has not been directly involved in this fight (Luhansk and Donetsk) .... because if Moscow was directly involved this type of disorganization would never exist. Mind you .... today's battles do indicate that someone is trying to bring some order to the chaos .... and we will probably find out in the next few days on who is directing this internal fight.


Rhaegar said...

I think it is the Vastok battalion, the Chechens from Russia who are trying to establish some order in the Donets Peoples Rebulic and to give Russia more influence in DPRs actions.

phill said...

Now that's an interesting thought chechen militas being sent in to police different militia groups. It be wise for Putin to deal with this now rather than later.

Bardock99 said...

LOL Is Putin paying you to make coments like this one that are so outofspace. You need to check the news, your coments regarding Ukraine are totally nonsense.

#Donetsk Republic gang led by a Russian
#Sloviansk gang led by a Russian Most of their troops Russian or Chechen... Popular uprising? LOL!!!

#Donetsk so the gunmen killed at the airport are mainly from Russia, 33 out of 38... maybe we should replace 'separatists' with 'aggressors'

You need to check the small light arms of the poor "ukranian" rebels -»»»
The weapons were bought in the nearest supermarket in town

And there are many more pics/videos/news/reports proving that your coments/propraganda is totally false.

Vostok Battalion has cleared #Donetsk govt building of DNR, razed its barricades and is now in control. Important to note: they're Russians.

Is totally false that Russia, a democratic and transperent country is in charge of arming/supporting/sending "the invaders to Eas Ukr.

WHat a joke mn!!!

phill said...

I'm from Texas not sure if you where trying to make a point?

This probably means much more to you so im sorry for that.