Friday, May 30, 2014

NSA Releases A Portion Of It's Email Exchange With NSA Leaker Edward Snowden

NSA Releases Edward Snowden E-Mail Exchange -- CNN

Washington (CNN) -- The NSA has released an e-mail exchange between Edward Snowden and the agency's general counsel's office, countering a claim the former contractor made in an interview this week.

Speaking to NBC News in an interview that aired Wednesday, Snowden claimed that he'd reached out to the office while working as an National Security Agency contractor to report what he saw as an abuse of power by the agency.

"I reported that there were real problems with the way the NSA was interpreting its legal authorities," he told NBC's Brian Williams.

In the e-mail exchange released by the NSA Thursday, Snowden requests clarification about training material he'd received, asking whether executive orders can override federal laws.

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Update #1: Edward Snowden responds to release of e-mail by U.S. officials -- Washington Post
Update #2: US tries to debunk Snowden email claims -- ZDNet

My Comment: What hurts the U.S. government's case is that a few months ago they denied that such Edward Snowden emails existed .... and now they are finding them? Edward Snowden's contention that the NSA has only released a small portion of his correspondence has credence in view of how much the NSA and the US government have completely botched this case .... starting from from day one. My prediction .... expect more correspondence to suddenly pop-up in the weeks and months ahead.

Update #3: The full Edward Snowden exclusive interview with NBC Brian Williams can be seen in the above video.

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