Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry: Edward Snowden Should "Man Up" And Come Home

Kerry: Edward Snowden Should "Man Up" And Come Home -- CBS

Secretary of State John Kerry said accused National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden had "damaged his country very significantly, " and called on him to "man up and come back to the United States."

Snowden has taken refuge in Russia after being the alleged mastermind behind an extensive series of leaked secrets involving the inner workings of one of America's most secretive spying programs.

In a recent interview with NBC, Snowden claimed he was "trained as a spy, " and that he chose to remain in Russia because he feared an unfair trial back home, and because the U.S. decided to "revoke my passport."

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WNU Editor: Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on Edward Snowden are at the 6:00 mark of the interview

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