Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ukraine Military Unprepared To Fight Against The Numerous Militia Groups That Are Now Springing Up In Eastern Ukraine

Fighting in Ukraine Escalates As Militia Groups Flock to Donetsk -- VICE

"Our president [Ramzan Kadyrov] gave the order. They called us and we came,” 33-year-old Zelimhan tells VICE News. The bearded fighter, a member of a unit known as the “Wild Division,” says he arrived a week ago with 34 Chechen men who volunteered to come and support their “brothers” in the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Russia and the authorities of the rebel republic have repeatedly denied allegations that foreign groups are crossing into Ukraine to fight alongside the rebels.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has said that the country is under “undisguised aggression” from Moscow, which is “exporting foreign terrorism” to the country.

The Wild Division is just the latest unit to join the swirling mix of militia groups that are descending on eastern Ukraine to join in a conflict that increasingly looks to be turning into a civil war.

Fighting in the region has killed scores in the last week.

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My Comment: I am now hearing continuous reports that morale is hitting rock bottom for much of the Ukraine military .... especially among those who have been deployed to the east. This is not a surprise to me .... much of the military is deeply fractured with many of these conscripts not interested in fighting against militia groups who know the terrain and are operating with support from much of the civilian population. In short .... the Ukraine military is not even close to being capable of fighting a guerrilla war.

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