Wednesday, May 28, 2014

US Deploys Warship Carrying 1,000 Marines Off The Coast Of Libya. U.S. Citizens Are Told To Leave The Country Immediately

US Sends Assault Ship With 1,000 Marines Near Libya, Asks Americans To 'Depart Immediately' -- RT

The US is sending 1,000 Marines in an amphibious assault ship to Libya's coast as a “precautionary” move should the US embassy require evacuation, a US official said. Security concerns also led the US to suggest Americans in Libya "depart immediately."

Adding to tensions, gunmen attacked the Tripoli home of Libya’s new prime minister, Ahmed Maiteeq, on Tuesday. Businessman Maiteeq, 42, and his family escaped harm, according to AFP.

An aide to Maiteeq said "there was an attack with rockets and small arms on the prime minister's house" in Tripoli at 3:00 a.m. (0100 GMT). Maiteeq’s guards opened fire on the attackers, wounding and arresting two of them, the official added.

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More News On Reports That The US Has Deployed A Warship Carrying 1,000 Marines Off The Coast Of Libya. U.S. Citizens Are Also being Told To Leave The Country Immediately

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My Comment: You do not have to be a top notch intelligence expert to know that the security situation in Libya is deteriorating fast.


James said...

Getting that old "kinetic feeling" again.

Nicholas Darkwater said...

Like I've said before, Obama's 'lead from behind' strategy has turned Libya into the new Somalia.

War News Updates Editor said...

Many are responsible for the unfolding disaster in Libya. The French and English, the U.S., and last but not the least .... the Libyans themselves who cannot get along with each other because they just do not know how.