Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Journalist Killed In Ukraine

Last Word ‘Camera’! Russian Journalist Killed In E. Ukraine Working Till Dying Breath -- RT

The Russian cameraman from Channel One TV who was shot by Kiev forces in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, never stopped working. Even when he was fatally shot he managed to record till his last breath. The video caught his final moments.

Anatoly Klyan, 68, was fatally wounded in the stomach and died Sunday night. Along with a few other journalists, he had boarded a bus full of women – mostly mothers – who were traveling to a military base in Donetsk to demand that their sons be dismissed from the unit and allowed to go home.

Kiev armed forces opened fire as soon as the bus entered the territory of the military base, the driver immediately turned the bus back to escape the deadly shooting.

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Update #1: Russia protests over shooting of cameraman in Ukraine -- Reuters
Update #2: Russian Cameraman 5th Journalist Killed in Ukraine -- AP

My Comment:  Regardless of how this happened ... this is just more proof that there is no ceasefire.

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