Monday, June 30, 2014

European Governments Pressuring Internet And Social Media Companies To Close The Accounts Of Islamist Militants

European Governments Seek Jihadists' Ouster from Social Media -- Wall Street Journal

Companies Need to Enforce Rules Against Jihadist Statements, Says Netherlands' Security Minister

AMSTERDAM—European governments are calling on Internet and social media companies to close the accounts of Islamist militants, as part of a wider effort to contain the threat of European extremists returning from Syria, Dutch officials said Monday.

Ivo Opstelten, the Dutch minister of security and justice, said the companies must make greater efforts to ban Islamic militants from using their platforms for recruitment and propaganda.

"Many companies might have [clauses against jihadist statements] in their terms of service, but they don't act," he said in a letter to lawmakers. "These companies must live up to their own rules on postings and delete propaganda of violent jihadists," he said.

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My Comment: This is really a warning from the EU governments to social media companies that if they do nothing about it .... the governments within the EU will force them to do so.

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