Monday, June 30, 2014

Iraq's Refugee Crisis Is Exploding

A Reignited War Drives Iraqis Out in Huge Numbers -- New York Times

DARBANDIKHAN, Iraq — As Sunni rebels advanced across Iraq in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were driven from their homes. For many, it was not the first time.

There have been very few prolonged periods of peace in Iraq over the last several decades, and for civilians seemingly perpetual flight. More than a million Iraqis have been displaced this year, half within the last couple of weeks, the United Nations says.

For Akheel Ahmed, a Sunni Arab who fled his home in the central Iraq town of Balad, fear and uncertainty were accompanied by familiarity. He arrived in this mountain village along the Iranian border a few days ago with his three sons, the second time in recent years that he has become a refugee in his own country.

Using hand gestures, he described the battlefield that his hometown had become.

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My Comment: The next step will be organized ethnic cleansing and a true sectarian division of Iraq.

Update: The last Christians are fleeing .... Iraqi Christians: 'US Must Act Now to Stop Religious Genocide' -- Breitbart

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