Monday, June 30, 2014

Report: ISIS's Battle Plan For Baghdad

"The Battle For Baghdad" - A Backgrounder On ISIS' Grand Plan -- Zero Hedge

It is no secret that the extremist al-Qaeda Jihadist group known as ISIS for short, which in the span of weeks has overrun the northern part of Iraq, has grand ambitions to not only preserve its power in the north and central regions, as well as the border with Syria, but to ultimately proceed south where not only Baghdad is located but also the great energy infrastructure of the country: "the grand prize" for ISIS as it would make the extremist group viable and financially self-sustaining.

But how and when will this "Battle for Baghdad" take place?

For the answer we go to a backgrounder prepared by the Institute for the Study of War titled, as expected, "ISIS Battle Plan for Baghdad" which lays it out in detail.

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Update: Why ISIS Won’t Take Baghdad -- Jamies dettmer, Daily Beast

My Comment:  There is very little that I disagree with in this report .... the only question that needs to be answered is .... is ISIS getting ready to implement this strategy .... or some variant of it.

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