Friday, June 6, 2014

Vietnam Releases Video Of A Chinese Ship Ploughing Into A Vietnamese Fishing Boat In Disputed Waters

Caught On Video: The Moment Huge Chinese Ship Ploughed Into Vietnamese Fishing Boat In Disputed Waters In The South China Sea -- Daily Mail

* China has erected a gigantic oil rig supposedly in Vietnam's waters
* Tensions came to a head last week when a small fishing boat capsized
* Now footage appears to show Chinese ship steaming towards the vessel
* China insists it is not its fault - claiming Vietnam had 'created tension'

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a Chinese ship sparked a diplomatic stand-off by crashing into a much smaller Vietnamese fishing boat.

The vessels were in disputed waters in the South China Sea - where China has erected a giant oil rig - when they collided last week, ramping up tensions between the two nations.

Now Vietnam has released footage of the incident which it says proves the sinking was a deliberate act - but China still disagrees over what it shows.

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My Comment: No question about it .... that Chinese ship deliberately sank that fishing boat.

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