Thursday, July 31, 2014

Israel Has Captured 100 Top Hamas Operatives Since The Start Of This War

On July 23, 2014 Israeli soldiers guard Palestinians captured during a military offensive in the Gaza Strip in this photo obtained by Reuters from the Israeli news website Walla. REUTERS/Walla News

Captured Hamas Operative Reveals Paragliding Attack Plan -- Times of Israel

Terrorist confesses he trained in Malaysia to conduct raids on Israeli civilians from the air; 100 Hamas men captured to date.

A highly trained Hamas operative captured by the IDF during the ongoing military campaign in the Gaza Strip told investigators that he had prepared to carry out a terror attack against Israeli civilians using a paraglider, the Shin Bet security service said Wednesday.

The Hamas detainee, who was recruited to the Islamist terror group in 2007 and joined one of the group’s special units in 2010, had taken part in a weeklong military-style exercise in Malaysia, along with 10 other members of the group, the Shin Bet said in a statement. During the exercise, which included paragliding training, the Hamas squad focused on perfecting raids from the air.

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My Comment: The revelation that Hamas was planning a paragliding attack is (in my opinion) far fetch .... but what caught my attention was the revelation that they were trained in Malaysia. It makes one wonder on who in Malaysia is helping Hamas to plan these attacks.


Unknown said...

I passed by Malaysia on a ship in 1991. Our ship had an antenna for TV stations (that was new). I was looking forward to something new.

I turned on the TV and the channel came in.

It was 4 or 5 old men in caps & robes speaking in Malaysian. The speaking in Malaysian was no surprise. What was surprising is the best channel with the most signal strength was used for religious purposes.

I expect religious programming, but I expect other fare as well.

I have heard nothing good about the Malaysian Tiger since. The economic miracle of Malaysia is a product of the ethnic minorities.

rahimrabbani said...

Why everyone would just stupidly believe what Israel just said?

Malaysia denies the claim, no one bats an eye. Israel accuse Malaysia, everybody loses their mind.

Malaysia's economic miracle is no product of just minorities. It is the core idea of Mahathir Mohamad of New Economic Policy. Petronas, CIMB, RHB, MKLand and many more are all controlled by Muslim.

I am not amazed by the economy of Korea or Singapore because those are puppet of Israel.

Israel know Malaysia's dominance could pose a threat to terrorism sponsored by Israel. Its influence in OIC, Asean Community, helping poor nations, plus Malaysia is resisting US efforts to establish TPP agreement, which is something Israel may not like.

The country's leader already concerned that they may face a front battle with Israel. So, stupid accusation like this is very much expected.

James said...

Because Israel has the very bad habit of telling the truth.