Thursday, July 31, 2014

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2014

NATO Unprepared For Potential Attack by Russia, Although Risk Is Low – Report -- RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, July 31 (RIA Novosti) - NATO is not prepared to deal with a military threat from Russia, although the risk of attack is very low, according to the cross-party Defense Committee of UK lawmakers report.

"The risk of attack by Russia on a NATO Member State, whilst still small, is significant…NATO has been too complacent about the threat from Russia, and it is not well-prepared," Rory Stewart, chair of the cross-party Defense Committee said in a report.

The report suggests that the nature of Russian tactics is changing fast and now includes cyberattacks and information warfare.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2014

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