Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ukraine Civil War News Updates -- July 31, 2014

Ukraine Premier Stays On, Envoys Agree On Crash Site Route -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Ukraine's parliament rejected Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk's resignation on Thursday and finally passed legislation he said was needed to finance an army offensive against a separatist rebellion in the east and avert a national default on its debts.

The assembly's about-turn on laws it refused to back a week earlier offers relief to Kiev's Western backers, who had feared Ukraine was sliding deeper into political chaos and might renege on an international bailout as it heads into an election period.

"There are two pieces of news today. The first is that Argentina has defaulted, and the second is that Ukraine has not defaulted and never will," Yatseniuk told the chamber, making clear he would stay in office.

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Ukraine Civil War News Updates -- July 31, 2014

Ukraine MH17: Forensic scientists reach jet crash site -- BBC
Dutch, Australian experts reach MH17 crash site for 1st time -- RT
International Experts Reach Boeing Crash Site in East Ukraine -- RIA Novosti
MH17 investigators finally reach crash site of the doomed jet after Ukraine agrees to 24-hour ceasefire -- Daily Mail
Crash experts reach site of MH17 disaster -- Al Jazeera
Foreign investigators reach MH17 crash site in Ukraine -- The Guardian
Malaysia Airlines MH17: 82% of Russians Believe Ukrainian Military is to Blame for Crash -- IBTimes

Kiev Faces Threat of Donetsk Street Fighting -- WSJ
Food supplies cut to rebel stronghold in east Ukraine -- Reuters
State of siege declared in Donetsk -- ITAR-TASS
Weapons Used by Ukraine's Rebels Point Toward Russian Origins -- Moscow Times/Reuters
Russians hold key posts with Ukraine separatists -- Deutsche Welle
Heated Russia-Ukraine Conflict Continues Despite Sanctions --
Russian ex-police chief Antyufeyev leads Donetsk rebels -- BBC
Photos: Donetsk endures shelling -- Al Jazeera

Kiev Allots $791 Mln for Military Support in East Ukraine -- RIA Novosti
Kiev Spending Almost $6 Mln Daily on Military Operation in Ukraine’s Southeast -- RIA Novosti
Ukraine president urges assembly to amend budget to fund army -- Reuters

Ukraine's Parliament Refuses PM Resignation -- Voice of America
Ukraine blocks premier's resignation, backs laws -- Reuters

Are these selfies proof that Putin IS operating in the Ukraine? Photographs posted by Russian soldier on Instagram 'were taken across the border' -- Daily Mail
Vanity Military Selfies Are Spoiling Russia's Attack in Ukraine -- Global Voices

Rebels to attend talks with Russia in Belarus - source -- Reuters
Ukraine talks in Belarus: 'Don't expect miracles' -- Deutsche Welle
G7 leaders warn of further costs to Russia over Ukraine -- Reuters

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