Sunday, August 31, 2014

No Democracy For Hong Kong

China Denies Open Elections For Hong Kong -- Globe and Mail

A billionaire media baron pledged to join pro-democracy protests after Beijing offered Hong Kong a form of election that requires patriotic candidates and gives China significant influence in who leads the financial centre.

For months, protesters have threatened to shut down Hong Kong if Beijing did not provide the right to openly nominate and vote for the territory’s powerful chief executive position.

On Sunday, Chinese authorities offered a broad rejection of those pleas, allowing only a form of partially open election — derided by critics as a “bird-cage democracy” — that maintains a secretive system where candidates are nominated by a 1,200-person committee. Those candidates must, the National People’s Congress said Sunday, bear allegiance to China.

“The chief executive shall be a person who loves the country and loves Hong Kong,” the decision text says.

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Update #1: China: No open nominations for Hong Kong leader -- AP
Update #2: Fully democratic Hong Kong vote ruled out by China -- Irish Times

My Comment: Here comes the protests.

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