Friday, August 29, 2014

Rumors Are Spreading That Now Retired Special Operations Admiral Bill McRaven May Be Hillary Clinton's Running Mate in 2016

Photo: Ret. Adm. William Harry McRaven. Wikipedia

Special Ops Commander Swears: I Won't Be Hillary's VP -- Kimberly Dozier, Daily Beast

He commanded the bin Laden raid—and expanded U.S. commandos’ global footprint. Now Adm. Bill McRaven is leaving the military. He promises—promises—that politics won’t be next.

Admiral Bill McRaven left command of U.S. special operations this week as a somewhat bewildered man – surprised, stymied, and in some cases burned by the fame and notoriety that launched his three years there, as the military commander of the 2011 raid that killed terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

His fame and the public respect for his role was such that multiple special operations officials say he was even approached as a possible vice presidential candidate for the as-yet-undeclared Hillary Clinton presidential campaign – something he openly denies ever happened. But the rumors persist throughout special operations circles even as he accepted a top post with the University of Texas.

"I am not running with Hillary," he said forcefully when last asked this past spring – a statement reiterated by his spokesman this summer.

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My Comment: I am confident that Hillary Clinton will be running in 2016 .... but Ret. Adm. William Harry McRaven as her running mate ?!?!?!?! I doubt it.

As for her Hillary Clinton's chances .... Pat Buchanan nails it .... Has Hillary Ever Been Right?

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