Sunday, August 31, 2014

Russia And Ukraine Exchange Prisoners Of War

Moscow, Kiev Swap Troops As Ukraine Port Girds For Pro-Russian Assault -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Ukraine and Russia swapped soldiers who had entered each other's territory near the battlefield in eastern Ukraine, where Kiev says Moscow's forces have come to the aid of pro-Russian insurgents advancing for an assault on a major port.

Ukrainian troops and local residents were reinforcing the port of Mariupol on Sunday, the next big city in the path of pro-Russian fighters who pushed back government forces along the Azov Sea this past week in an offensive on a new front.

The new rebel advance has drawn increasing concern from Ukraine's Western allies, who say its success is a result of reinforcement by armoured columns of Russian troops.

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Update #1: Militia Releases Over 220 Ukrainian Soldiers to Kiev -- RIA Novosti
Update #2: ‘Common sense prevailed’: Ukraine releases Russian paratroopers -- RT

My Comment: A rare gesture to ease tension .... which will last about 5 minutes.

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