Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ukrainian Volunteer Battalions Are Now Claiming That "Hundreds" Of Their Men Have Been Killed In The Past Few Days

Armed pro-Russian separatists escort a column of Ukrainian prisoners of war (L) as they walk across central Donetsk August 24. Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

Fears Of Massacre After Accusations Russians Reneged On Safe Passage For Ukrainian Forces -- The Telegraph

Ukrainian forces said pro-Putin forces went back on a promise to allow them to leave encircled town.

Ukrainian volunteer battalions claim "hundreds" of their men have been killed and dozens taken prisoner after pro-Russian forces reneged on an agreement to allow them to withdraw from a besieged town 20 miles east of Donetsk.

The losses came during attempts to withdraw from Ilovaisk, a town of southeast of Donetsk where a Ukrainian force had been surrounded for more than 10 days.

Following days of intense fighting and repeated failures to relieve the trapped troops, the Ukrainian government announced it would surrender the town on Saturday, under a deal that would allow them to withdraw through a so-called "green corridor."

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My Comment: I cannot say that I am surprised by these reports .... these Ukrainian volunteer battalions are hated by separatists forces and are a high priority target. As to the fighting .... media reports are more focused on Western reaction to Russia's involvement in the Ukraine civil war ... but my sources .... in both Russia and Ukraine are telling me that many Ukrainian military units have been decimated in the past few days and that casualty rates are in the hundreds (if not more).


Rhaegar said...

Just to ask war news, what are your sources? Are in a discussion and are linking to your blog to show a more neutral news picture on the Ukrainian crisis. He means that you dont understand the crisis and lack information.
How reliable is social media information, since this guy post twitter feeds from
? I myself mean that both sides are using very mutch propaganda.
Also i read that Russia is making a anti-Facist comitee or organization in Crima and there are both neo-Nazis and Facists in it, have you hear about this case?

War News Updates Editor said...

When I post a news story in this blog .... I try my best to use as many news sources as possible. But when I use only one source .... like this story .... I am always making a comment either supporting it and/or doubting it.

Not counting the news sources that I use for this blog .... my personal sources have been very good to this point. All that anyone needs to do is read all of my posts on Ukraine since the crisis started in February. And what will they find .... Rhaegar .... they will find that this blog has been right almost all of the time. And when we are wrong .... which does happen .... we try to understand why. Either way .... I am very proud to stand on my record .... because it is there for everyone to read.

I do not trust social media. But I do use social media to search for trends and the odd story that no one else is covering.

As to what are my best sources .... I have mentioned more than once that I have some good friends in the Russian foreign ministry (my old work place), I know two Ukrainian deputies personally, and I also use my family .... specifically my cousin .... who has sources in the Kiev government that goes to the top and who shares their news/opinions/etc. with me.

James said...

Still doing your exercises Rhaegar?

Rhaegar said...

Yes are trying my best. I walked half a mile with my uncle on saturday.