Tuesday, September 30, 2014

World News Briefs -- September 30, 2014

Hong Kong's Leader To Protesters: China Won't Back Down -- CNN

Hong Kong (CNN) -- As dusk fell on Hong Kong Tuesday evening, the mass of protesters packing the streets grew by the minute.

CNN's Ivan Watson stood in the middle of the demonstration. "The crowd is swelling as it did last night as sunset approaches and as both sides in this dispute appear to be digging in their heels and unwilling to find a compromise," he reported.

Though China has said it won't give into the protesters' demands for a full democracy and the right to elect its own leader, protesters camped out wearing masks, protective goggles and plastic raincoats on the main road leading into the city's central business district. They were bracing for a potential re-match with police who fired tear gas at them two days ago.

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ISIL closes in on border town with Turkey. Despite US-led airstrikes, Islamic State closing in on Kurdish area of Syria.

Kurdish militia launches offensive against IS in northern Iraq: Reports.

Syria is ‘satisfied’ with US airstrikes against Islamic State positions: Reports. Syrian official: US should expand airstrikes to all militant groups.

U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate foes.

Hesitant Turkey seeks mandate for military action against IS.

Syria refugees in Lebanon face rising violence: HRW.

Yemen's Houthi rebels refuse to leave Sanaa.

Netanyahu says Iran greater threat than ISIL.


Hong Kong protests: CY Leung urges crowds to leave.

Hong Kong protesters ignore calls to end demonstrations.

Afghanistan signs deal keeping U.S. troops beyond 2014.

Northern Afghans threaten to rebel if power-sharing deal fails.

China announces date for key Communist Party meeting.

Myanmar confirms controversial Rohingya plan at United Nations.

Homes raided by counter-terrorism units in Australia.


Islamist-allied militias in Libya reject UN talks.

South Sudan factions agree on federal government.

Frustrated, Liberian students want Ebola fight role.

Niger issues arrest warrant for opposition chief.

Security situation in Somalia improving despite new risks: Survey.

Egypt's Sisi delivers economic reforms but hurdles remain.

Egyptian court jails 68 Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

EXPOSED: How arms dealer Thales bankrolled South African President Zuma.


Ukraine forces repel two fresh assaults on Donetsk's airport.

EU to keep Russia sanctions in place over Ukraine.

Ukraine to hold parliamentary polls in controlled areas of self-proclaimed republics.

New case launched against Ukraine’s Ex-President Yanukovych: Chief Prosecutor.

Russia hopes for Ukraine gas deal this week. Ukrainians gear up for winter without Russian gas.

Catalonia independence referendum halted by Spain’s constitutional court.

Europe's newest front line against ISIS: a Spanish town in North Africa.

Pope summons Mideast envoys to Rome over Islamist advance.


Homeland Security Chair requests review of Secret Service. Officials: Fence jumper made it into East Room of White House.

Obama will 'make good' on immigration reform promise, aide says.

Brazil's Rousseff extends lead over Silva in election poll. Brazilian stocks, currency plummet as Presidential election looms.

Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian military aircraft in Baltics.

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro defends Clorox seizure.

Nicaragua canal will wreak havoc on forests and displace people, NGO warns.

Argentina found to be in contempt of court by US judge.


Terror threat highest since 9/11, says former intel chairman.

Schoolgirl jihadis: the female Islamists leaving home to join Isis fighters.

Obama goal of Gitmo closure stalled at Pentagon.


Record global debt risks new crisis – Geneva report.

EBay spinning off PayPal as separate company.

Global stock markets mostly turn higher.

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