Thursday, October 30, 2014

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 30, 2014

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014. Courtesy of NATO

New NATO Chief Plots Course For 28-Nation Military Pact -- Stars and Stripes

STUTTGART, Germany — As NATO’s first secretary-general to hail from a country that shares a border with Russia, Jens Stoltenberg says today’s tensions with Moscow conjure memories from a Cold War childhood when “NATO was there to protect us.”

“I remember visiting that border when it was completely closed back in the days of the Soviet Union. When looking across was like staring into something dark and scary,” Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian prime minister now heading up the 28-nation alliance, said on Tuesday.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 30, 2014

First Iraqi Kurdish fighters enter Isis-besieged Kobani -- The Guardian

U.S. focuses on Islamic State targets near Kobani, Syria: U.S. Central Command -- Reuters

US To Check Troops For Chemical Exposure In Iraq -- Defense News

The US Is Hammering ISIS Near Kobane -- Business Insider

Australians may work with Iranian troops to advise Iraqis -- The Australian

Israel Planning To Increase F-35 Buy -- Defense News

NATO 'Vigilant' Over Russian Warplane Maneuvers -- Defense News

NATO reports 'large scale' Russian air activity in European airspace -- AFP

Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile (VIDEO) -- RT

Mistral deal: France says delivery of warships to Russia still on hold -- RT

Moscow Uninformed of Paris's Inability to Deliver on Mistral Warship Contract: Official -- RIA Novosti

DCNS announces new concept submarine SMX-Ocean -- UPI

China says agrees with U.S. to speed up military conduct talks -- Reuters

Chinese Submarines Just Reached Another Alarming Milestone -- Business Insider/

China Sees First Female Attack Helicopter Pilots -- Women of China

North Korea Can Miniaturize Nuclear Warheads for Medium-Range Missiles: US Military Expert -- RIA Novosti

North Korea: Test Stand for Vertical Launch of Sea-Based Ballistic Missiles Spotted -- Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., 38 North

South Korean Soldier Sentenced to 45 Years for Beating Conscript to Death -- RIA Novosti

Taiwan to take delivery of first batch of Black Hawks in December -- Focus Taiwan

Pirates target oil tankers in Asia route as attacks climb -- Fuel Fix

First Look At A Darpa-Funded Exoskeleton For Super Soldiers -- Forbes

US Air Force Launches Military GPS Satellite on 50th Atlas 5 Rocket --

Pentagon officials: No hope for budget soon; tech development vital -- Military Times

Pentagon Officials To Meet With Industry Chiefs in Weekend Strategy Session -- Defense News

Pentagon adopts quarantine-like monitoring for all U.S. troops on Ebola mission -- Washington Post

US Army Will Provide Wi-Fi for NGOs in the Fight Against Ebola -- NextGov

Amazon-CIA $600 Million Deal Facing Scrutiny: ‘What’s the CIA Doing on Amazon’s Cloud?’ --

Hagel: 'Climate change presents security issues' for US -- The Hill

Fatal plane crash at US air base -- The Guardian

Fox News Lands Interview With SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden -- Daily caller

Key Army intelligence adviser allowed others to believe he had Ph.D. -- AP

This Chart Shows How The US Military Is Responsible For Almost All The Technology In Your iPhone -- Business Insider

Why the Pentagon is helping raise baby goats -- CBS

Comforting the NSA and Afflicting Its Dissenters -- Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Relearning Anti-Submarine Warfare -- James R. Holmes, The Diplomat

Major Cyber Attack Will Cause Significant Loss of Life By 2025, Experts Predict -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

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