Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Baltics And Poland Prepare For A Russian Invasion

A U.S. Army soldier trains with the Javelin (U.S. Army)

To Beat Russian Tanks, the Baltic States Are Studying the Georgia War -- Robert Beckhusen, Real Clear Defense/War Is Boring

2008 conflict with Russia proves that anti-tank missiles rule

It was more than six years ago when a tank force from the Georgian army’s 42nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion fought its way overnight through Tskhinvali, South Ossetia.

The tanks were in trouble. They were moving too fast, outrunning their infantry support and taking losses to South Ossetian irregulars scattered throughout the city. Only hours into a war which would last five days, they had to keep moving before Russian reinforcements could arrive to bolster the pro-Russian, breakway Georgian province.

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Update: Poland Prepares for Russian Invasion -- XX 20 Committee

My Comment: I do not know anyone in Russia who is even entertaining the idea of invading the Baltics .... let alone Poland. But it should be noted that a year ago who would have thought that Ukraine would have disintegrated into what it is today.


Jay Farquharson said...

Fear is usefull for arms sales.

oldfatslow said...

Poor Poland. Like the
Charlie Brown song says,
"Why's everybody always
pickin' on me?"


Black Knight said...

Say whatever you want about Putin, but the fear-mongering on the NATO side is atrocious. WNU, is there any objective, credible evidence to support the notion that Putin has any designs on any NATO member? I think not.

Unknown said...

Go back to reading RT